Monday, August 31, 2015


I love Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

It sounds like Spanish to me haha!  We went to that book store and found the Count of Monte Cristo.  It is 2 books in Russia.  Weird.  I also found the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and had to resist from buying it right there.  That would be a lot of weight to carry for 2 years!  Can you send me some cool family history stories?  I was surprised when one of the members asked who was the first person to join the church in my family.  Didn't think they would ask stuff like that in Russia.  Also there is a book called "Combination Reference" By Eldin Ricks that my companion has that is really good for talks and stuff.  If you send me a package I would like that in it.  I was in Irkutsk for 3 days this week.  Elder Lyman (William Grant but he goes by Grant) was on his Visa trip and his plane got delayed or something.  It was super fun though!  Elder Protopovov is our zone leader and I was with him and Elder Gardiner.  Elder P is from Moscow and way cool!  

I heard that the world cup is in Russia in 2018, so that's happening then.  I'm definitely coming back for that!  Something that surprised me is how many Subways (fast food chains) there are everywhere.  So many!  It's basically the same except their lettuce looks like death.  I gave my first blessing this week!  Sister Wilson was sick (the one Taylor knows) and she asked me to perform the blessing which was cool!  I was nervous but she got better so I guess it went well haha.  We played ping pong!  Elder Lyman is way good!  The branch president said he wants to play with us but he wasn't there.  

I had to give a talk in church this week.  My second week here and they make me speak.  Haha crazy Russians.  It went good!  Elder Lyamn helped a ton with translating it.  I made spaghetti and Elder Lyman is teaching me so much.  We are going to buy a ton of fruits today and make a ton of smoothies!  I ate a whole half of watermelon.  I have never done that before, it was great!  He just cut it in half and we went to town on the watermelon.  Our investigator Rueslan is progressing quickly!  We had his baptism scheduled this week but somebody in ward council said something that she heard so we may have to push it back but hopefully everything works out.  Rueslan called us or maybe we called him and said that when he meets with us he is inspired by our faith and loves meeting with us and after we leave he doesn't know why, but he says he just feels good and wants to do what is right!  That's a testimony to me of the power of the Holy Ghost!

We got a referral from the Zone Leader about a woman who wanted a Book of Mormon is Angarstk.  We had the address and went and looked forever for the address but nobody in Russia knows the street names.  We looked it up on the computer and it said the place didn't exist.  Haha hopefully we can find her and give her the Book of Mormon.  There is a man in the branch named Slava and he is a genius.  He has been a member since January and has already read the Book of Mormon like 4 times.  Read the bible 8 times and knows everything.  He has a photographic memory.  He was going through his scriptures with us and almost every verse was marked haha.  He has read the Koran and all these other books of scripture from weird religions and is just a genius.  Makes me glad he chose our church because he has investigated so many others.

It's funny.  Some people on the street will say "Hello" to us and laugh way hard about it.  They think it is so cool they know some English haha.  They think they are way cool when they say it haha!

Have you looked on the map where I am?  I am in like the middle of Russia.  I'm as far away as possible from the mission home.  I am in Siberia.  And I love it!

Старейшиа Уилдинг

P.S.  What time is it when I email you?

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