Saturday, April 11, 2015


 It came in the mail while McKay was on his senior trip to California. The family had to look at this envelope for over three days until he returned to open it. 
He opened it on April 11, 2015.

When he arrived home, we gathered together and everyone made their guesses where they thought he would go while we waited with anticipation for him to open it!

 We got Skyler on Facetime so he could be part of it.

No one could pronounce it let alone find it on the map! 
 It's as far east as you can get in Russia!  It borders North Korea!  Siberia is part of his mission!
The crazy thing is his mother put her pin guess on Russia because she couldn't decide where to choose and so McKay's cousin Mackenzie told her to close her eyes and then she spun her around and told her to just point to somewhere without looking.  It was Russia. And the first thing his mom said when she opened her eyes and saw it was on Russia was, "That is the LAST place I want him to go!" 
 How ↑ his mom was feeling with the reveal!

 McKay was VERY excited!
 Who would have ever thought!
 Very exciting, but also very nerve racking!

This pretty much sums it up though...

McKay's 8th birthday was a missionary party...complete with everyone getting a call and learning how to sew on a button and going tracting and pinning the tail on the missionary.  
 Who would have ever guessed this little guy would one day being serving his mission in Russia?

 Many of these boys are getting ready to serve or already are serving their missions.  It's so exciting.
All over the world...