Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This first week went by fast!  The hours take long but I can't believe that it is already my first week here!  Everybody should watch "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar!  It changed my life and mission for sure.  I got my first package a couple of days ago, it was my suit from Men's Wearhouse.  Mom the dear elder thing is way cool!  I get your letters the day you send them instead of waiting for them to travel in the mail!  

My mission president should get here today!  Apparently this only happens every 3 years!  Me and my whole district are going to Vlad!  We get to meet him on Friday!!!  My branch pres said that we will have a bond with him like nobody else because the Lord called us to be here at this exact time so we could meet him! He said we will be Vlad's backbone!  I really look forward to meeting him!  The first few days of the MTC are really hard.  I never thought I'd get homesick but I did.  It gets better though and now I'm doing fine but I do miss you guys!!!

So far I have seen Wilson here once!  It wasn't a very long encounter either.  Being a missionary is awesome!  The spirit in the MTC is so strong!  I can't believe it is already my time to serve!  I went to the temple this morning and that was amazing!  Last time I was there I was with you guys and it was very special!  Moeshna means may I or yes you may Taylor.  Every time somebody says it I automatically think of you and how you say it!  I haven't seen anyone I know yet beside this one kid that graduated like a year before me.  I hope I see Jordan and Tanforce!   My schedule is now the same for the next 7 weeks.  Wake up at 6:30 go shower, go to breakfast then class for sometimes 9 hours!  It is broke up into 3 hour pieces!  Russian is hard to learn.  I'm glad Dad taught me I can do hard things!  I can pray though so that it good!

It's weird though, sometimes 2 years seems like an eternity and sometimes like nothing.  I am glad to be where I am supposed to be!  Being a missionary for the Lord is for me!  I have all these things I want to say but it's difficult to transfer them into words.  I have taken a lot of pictures Mom!  Hope I can figure out how to send them!  It is so great reading the letters you all have written me!  It keeps me going!  Elder Perry told our investigator he loves her haha!  Like I said before Russian is a little tricky and sometimes you make funny mistakes!  I know that some things take time so that's what I plan to give them.  I wish I was better at typing!! Sorry that this isn't much.  

Tell Grampy I'm really sorry for him!  I'll pray that he will have a speedy recovery!  I love you all with all my heart!  I know that this Church is true!  I would love some advice on how to make my MTC experience better!  I met a person that knows Natalie!  His name is Elder Hunt and he just got here today.  I'm really happy for all the good examples everyone who has served before me have set!  I have my day planned out everyday besides P-day.  I'll try to write more next week!  I'm getting along great with my companions!  And we are completely different.  I have found a greater testimony and love for Christ during the short time I've been here.  I've realized how important family is.  You never know what you've got til it's gone I guess.  I love you!!!!!!!!  


Elder Wilding

P.S. I'll send pictures next week!  Sorry no time!  Miss and love you!
With my companions Elder Brower and Elder Berrios

District with the Russian flag
Companions and roommates
Deep in thought
With Grumpy Cat
MTC Selfie
My schedule for the next eternity

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


After McKay was set apart, the doorbell just kept ringing.  His friends stopped by to say a final goodbye.  Not everyone that came over are in these photos. These pictures are historical because this group of friends will most likely never be together again like this.  Big changes happen after graduation and everyone starts to go out on their own whether it be a mission, college, marriage, or something else.  They had a great time, but when it came time to say goodbye, it was hard.  Going from graduating from high school to a mission in just 12 days is not a lot of transition time.  It was hard on everyone to realize that the time had come to say their farewells for at least two years.  For most of them it will be two and half years or more because they haven't even got their calls.  A few of his friends shed tears and all of them had a big lump in their throat as they said goodbye.

With the sun came the realization that it was time to say our goodbyes.  McKay loves orange rolls and so that was what he got for breakfast.  He also needed a haircut and so he had to get up even earlier to fit that in.  The morning flew by and before we knew it, the time had come to load the car.

Mr. Cat was wondering what was going on...

Ready or not....

McKay with his Dad and bros...

With his Mom and bros...

With his parents....

We stopped by his cousin's house so they could tell him a final goodbye as well.

And then we were off to Provo.  McKay had been planning for months to have Panda Express be his last meal before he entered the MTC.  We found one in Orem and miraculously he was able to eat.  There was another family in there that was taking their son to the MTC that day as well.

We stopped at the Provo Temple to take our final pictures (WARNING!  PICTURE OVERLOAD!) and we took a lot of pictures.  But when you know that is the last time you will be together as a family for two years, that is what you do.  At least that is what I do. 
It was really hot and there wasn't a lot of shade, but they had fun anyway.

With his bros....

The time had come to say our goodbyes.  The boys said they were going to just do it at the curb at the MTC when we dropped him off.  But Mama needed to get hers in before.

Heading back to the car and then to the MTC...

The sister missionary offered to take one last photo of us at the MTC curb drop off.  We look a lot better than we were feeling.

Final hugs for two years....

And just like that...
...he was gone.
Taylor's post on Snapchat
Instagram post...   

God be with you 'til we meet again Elder Wilding...

Sunday, June 14, 2015


McKay gave his farewell talk on Sunday June 14, 2015.  He had a huge support of friends and family show up.  I am not sure I have ever seen so many kids come to a farewell in our building before.  There are advantages to being one of the first ones to leave.  Everyone joked that the entire student body showed up.  It sure looked like it!
 He did a great job on his talk.  He is ready for this.  Not sure his mom is, but he is.
 The Russian flag...

 We had a lot of food, but we also had a lot of people to feed.  At one point I worried we were going to need a feeding of the five thousand miracle to occur.  Maybe it did, because we had enough food!

 McKay has so many friends and many of them came by to support him on this special day.
 As well as lots of family!  Sky came all the way from Hawaii to be here.

Brother Nichols stopped by with a box full of Russian things and wasn't shy in showing them to all who would listen.  It was very interesting.

That orb is kind of right in McKay's face.  I believe it must be Tyson. ;)
McKay has definitely been blessed with a great group of friends!

His parents aren't too bad either. :)
 His cute cousin Aubrey posted this on Instagram...

It was a wonderful day!  We felt so much love and support from so many.  The countdown is on!

McKay was set apart as a full time missionary by his own Dad.  That is something not too many people can say.
 His grandparents and brothers all attended

We are so proud of this boy....