Sunday, June 14, 2015


McKay gave his farewell talk on Sunday June 14, 2015.  He had a huge support of friends and family show up.  I am not sure I have ever seen so many kids come to a farewell in our building before.  There are advantages to being one of the first ones to leave.  Everyone joked that the entire student body showed up.  It sure looked like it!
 He did a great job on his talk.  He is ready for this.  Not sure his mom is, but he is.
 The Russian flag...

 We had a lot of food, but we also had a lot of people to feed.  At one point I worried we were going to need a feeding of the five thousand miracle to occur.  Maybe it did, because we had enough food!

 McKay has so many friends and many of them came by to support him on this special day.
 As well as lots of family!  Sky came all the way from Hawaii to be here.

Brother Nichols stopped by with a box full of Russian things and wasn't shy in showing them to all who would listen.  It was very interesting.

That orb is kind of right in McKay's face.  I believe it must be Tyson. ;)
McKay has definitely been blessed with a great group of friends!

His parents aren't too bad either. :)
 His cute cousin Aubrey posted this on Instagram...

It was a wonderful day!  We felt so much love and support from so many.  The countdown is on!

McKay was set apart as a full time missionary by his own Dad.  That is something not too many people can say.
 His grandparents and brothers all attended

We are so proud of this boy....

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