Monday, September 7, 2015

Russia! I love Russia!

Another awesome week in the USSR!  Me and Elder Lyman are in a cooking zone and we make so many good things!  Especially smoothies!  We made peach cobbler and had some ice cream and it was like the best ice cream I have ever had!  They don't sell tortillas at the store so we made homemade ones and had breakfast burritos!
We are teaching a new investigator named Ivan.  He is a really cool guy!  He reminds me of a Who off of the Grinch. Anyways he is a perfect investigator in some aspects.  For one he calls us to meet instead of the other way around haha.  He will call us and set up an appointment and then text us right after to confirm the appointment and then sometimes call again to see if the appointment is still on.  Haha he's awesome!  We didn't ask for a referral from him but he gave us one anyway!  He really likes English and loves speaking to us in English (which really helps me.)
Our investigator Ruselan is going to get baptized this Saturday!  He is really excited and so are we!  He loves the Book of Mormon now when he really used to only like the Bible.  If all things go well by the next time I write we will have another member of the church in Angarsk!  A girl we teach about every week named Tanya (she is a new member) said that if I want to gain a Russian accent I need to speak clearer and make my mouth wider.  She also speaks really good English.  Seriously so strange how many people speak English in Russia.

Our service this week was "Hari Krishna" or at least it was for them.  They are a religion and they make food for the homeless and we serve it to them.  It is really fun!  They have this Arabic music going on in the background that just says hari krishna over and over again.  I am convinced that is the only lyric in the whole song.  We serve casha (oatmeal) and soup.  We get to eat before and you would be so proud of me mom I actually ate the soup.  They make us take off our shoes and put on these sandals and an apron.  A ton of people come in and are asking for stuff and I have no idea what they're saying so I just smile and say "Da".  I like doing it, it really makes you appreciate all you have because all of these people that come have nothing.

Just like in Puerto Rico when we went and all the lawn mowing or weed cutting is done with spin trims.  That is exactly how it is here.  There was one nice grass field that I have seen here but everything else is just weeds and Elder Lyman said that the grass field we saw was the nicest he has seen on his whole mission.  It rained!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the rain and it is way fun walking in it!  Hopefully it keeps up!  

We had a branch activity where we walked down to the river and had a campfire roast type thing.  They brought some Russian meat that tastes amazing and roasted it over hot coal.  Also we had this Russian salad that is simple and I thought I would hate but it is actually very good as well.  All it is, is onions, tomatoes and cucumbers and a whole lot of mayo.  They love their mayo here.  We were suppose to bring a change of clothes to the church where everyone was meeting but we forgot and we decided to head back home to grab them.  We had to run because of time and we ran all the way back home in the rain.  When we were about 30 steps away from our door I joked to Elder Lyman what if our keys didn't work.  It was at that time when we realized we didn't have our keys and we ran for nothing.  Defeated, we walked back in the rain.  Our church clothes got all smoky but it was still way fun.

We were walking in center contacting and a guy stopped us and asked where a certain building was.  Elder Lyman told him sorry we weren't natives and that we didn't know where it was.  They guy asked where we were from and he said Texas (he was born there) and I said Utah.  When he heard that he got super super excited and ran into his car and got his friend and started videoing us telling him that we were from America.  He said him and his friend were from Novaskbirsk and were on a Siberia trip and documenting the things they found.  He was so shocked Americans were in Siberia he had to get it on video haha.  We didn't even know he was videoing and thought he was taking a picture for the longest time haha.  

School started here the same day it did for Taylor.  A lady asked us if we were coming for school when we were talking to her.  Great Week!

I love you all

Elder Wilding

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