Monday, September 28, 2015

100 Days Plus

What a week!  So fun!

I think you saw the pictures of the hammock we made!  IT'S AWESOME!  

We had a lesson with a man named Denil this week and he has been taking the missionary lessons for a long time and we read a chapter with him in the Book of Mormon.  Mosiah 4.  After reading the chapter he said I have now come to the conclusion that we were created by aliens.  Haha what?  Then he drew that whole plan of salvation or at least what he thinks.  Then he also said that he believes that the universe is God and we got created by atoms rubbing together.  To be honest he has no idea what he believes.  He was vacationing in Thailand for the past month or so and that is why we haven't met with him till now.  Everyone in Russia goes and vacations in Thailand it seems.  

We got home and I had just started to take some of my clothes off and get ready to prepare and eat dinner, when Elder Lyman got a phone call from an investigator saying that they wanted to meet.  We had the rest of our day planned out so the only time to meet would be during our dinner hour.  We agreed to meet instead of eat.  Had an awesome lesson with him and then went to the other lessons we had planned.  The Lord always provides for those in his service.  At our last appointment the lady we were teaching fed us.  Even little things like just getting a meal because we chose to skip a meal, the Lord is always with us to provide tender mercies and even mighty miracles.

A patriarch is coming to our mission in November and since this branch is so new, nobody has their patriarchal blessings.  They are all way excited! 

Elder Lyman told me something that his stake president told him before he left on him mission that I really like, "If you're not having fun you're doing something wrong."  For some reason I feel like I sent this last week.  If I did, I'm sorry.  I really like that though.

Nikolai is going to be baptized this Saturday!  YEAH!!!!  He lives with 2 members and that is the best environment for an investigator to be in.  He accepts everything great and says he will live it.   His baptism is going to be awesome!  We have fasted for him and pray for him a lot!  He has been incredibly prepared by the Lord!

My Russian is really improving!  It was like a light switch!  I was just studying one day and for some reason cases just starting making a ton of sense to me!  The gift of tongues is real!  I can speak way better now!  Especially in prayers!  I like learning the language a lot more now because I can understand why it is the way it is!

In Russia it is considered bad luck if you whistle indoors.  We were at this grandma's house with the sisters and one of the sisters just has a habit for whistling.  She did it and the grandma smacked her fork so hard down on her plate that it almost broke!  She got so mad at her haha!  Then a little while later she whistled again on accident and she got even more mad haha!  She said you won't be doing that once all your money is gone and no one will want to marry you haha.   She really doesn't like it.

All in all another fantastic week in Russia!!!  Great place!  Blessed to be able to serve here!

I love you all 

Elder Wilding 
View from the mission home in Vladivostok
Whoa!  And, check out the billboard.
We made a hammock!
My study place (he always had an organized desk!)
Our plan of salvation and our crazy investigator's plan
Hari Krishna (doing service)
View from our apartment
Bank haha???
Me and Elder Lyman
People do this when they get married I think
xpam (temple)

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