Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm leaving..... on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again! Hopefully in 2 years!


The MTC has flown by that crazy fast!  I can't believe that I'll soon be in Russia in less that a week.  I sent you my flight plans in the photos.  So I leave the MTC at 3:00 PM which is super nice because it seems like everybody leaves at 3:00 AM.  From the Salt Lake airport we fly to Las Vegas and will be there in a layover for 3 hours.  I will probably call you between 3:45 and 8:00.  And maybe I will even call you when I'm in Vegas for 3 hours.  But I can only call you in the states.  After Vegas we fly to Seoul Korea and have a 6 hour layover there.  I heard Korean Air is amazing!  Don't know why but everybody tells me that haha.  After the layover I will fly to Vlad and spend a day or 2 in the mission home.

Something super cool and amazingly awesome that has never happened at the MTC before and probably never will happen again is that we are going to perform with the Nashville Tribute Band the day before we leave!  I didn't know who they were before I got out here but they are a country band that makes gospel music.  It's pretty surprising that the MTC would allow them to come and let us perform with them because even though it is church music it isn't really hymns.  The songs we are singing with them are 1st "I was born"  2nd  "John's song" and 3rd "The hardest thing I've ever loved to do"... the last one might make you want to cry mom.

We teach everyday in Russian!  Sometimes twice a day.  It's fun!  Me and my companions are getting really good at teaching together!  To bad we are about to get separated haha!  We were continuing teaching U-li-a (the one I asked to get baptized) and we scheduled he baptismal date so soon that we didn't have much time to teach her all the other things we had to teach her.  So we taught her all the commandments in 20 min. Haha I don't even know how!  It would have taken me longer than that to teach the commandments in English. God is with us!  She got baptized (not really just in our minds) and then we taught her the laws and ordinances lesson!  

Another one of our investigators whose name is Andrei (Brother Clark my favorite teacher not a real investigator) is a really hard investigator or at least we thought.  He would always ask questions that would derail the lesson and it felt like we taught him nothing but we always left him with the commitment to read and pray.  One time we even asked him to pray in front of us and he refused.  But for some reason he always kept his commitments.  We never asked him to be baptized because we were always too intimidated.  Foolish thing to do we should always ask them to be baptized on the first lesson.  Anyways we asked him this time and he said then would!  He said when he read the Book of Mormon he felt God's love.  That's the most important thing. That they read the Book of Mormon when we're not there and that they pray when we are not there.  It is important that they do those things when we are there but much more important if they do them when we are not there.

So we had a sub teacher.  We taught them as if we were tracting.  Russia has a weird thing where it is bad luck to shake hands in doorways.  So we knocked on the door and he opened up and my companion said we are missionaries.  I then put out my hand and shook his.  I looked and saw the confused look on his face and realized what I had done.  I then proceeded to walk into his house!  What was I thinking haha!  He had a even more confused look on his face and I just got out of there as soon as possible haha!

Other investigator.  Our teachers play people they taught on their missions.  We were teaching a woman maned Galina.  She said that her son has been online and read about the Mormon church and was reading on  So she knew somewhat about the church.  We were talking to her about the Plan of Salvation and how we must be baptized in order to get into the highest kingdom.  She said "dyevaye" which means Lets!  Some people are prepared!

Can't really think of anything I need. I guess besides that track phone.  Oh and Bryce, Taylor, and Sky's Emails.  I love your packages and that's something I am going to really miss about being at the MTC.  Getting your wonderful packages full of all kinds of sweets!  I got the voice recorder just have been kind of busy but I'll use it in the field.  I lost my RVCA shirt.  Not my Russian shirt.  It's ok if I get 2 of them though because I like it.  I am grateful for the clothes you sent me in the last package and for the food! 

Love you all!
Don't know when I will write again because who knows when my P-day is?  I look forward to talking to you!


Elder Wilding

Elder Wilding with Elder Diedrickson (Little Deeds - friends from high school)  They are both serving in Russia but Elder Deeds is serving in Moscow and so he will fly out of New York while McKay flies out of Las Vegas
With Little Deeds and companion Elder Brower

 Flight plans

SIDENOTE:(from Mom)
In case any of you are interested in the Nashville Tribute Band, here is their amazing song The Hardest Thing I've Ever Loved to Do.  McKay is right, it does make me cry every time I hear it.  The first time I heard it was when Taylor was on his mission in Brazil.  But, it's quite an incredible song.

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