Sunday, August 30, 2015

MTC Photos From Elder Brower's Blog

Elder Brower's mom told me I could have these photos that Elder Brower took in the MTC and post them here on Elder Wilding's blog.  So here are some pictures from when they were still in the MTC....

After seeing this I can understand why they also had so much fun (or so it appears) in the MTC as well.  Otherwise they might have gone crazy!

From Elder Brower's Blog: Hope you are all doing faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. ;) Me and elder Wilding say that alot ;) hahaha We say "hi" to random elders and catch them off guard. OK RANDOM THOUGHT! We say hi to like everyone....I'm serious when I say this. haha I call people out from across the MTC haha and only like 40% say hi back!!! Like why??? Are you anti social? YOU ARE A MISSIONARY! If you can't talk to other missionaries good luck speaking to random peeps on the street!....Grrrr hahah anyway! Me and Elder Wilding always say "hi" to people and ask them how they are, but when they ask us how we are as we are walking past them we just say, "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.......AAAAAAAANTastic!!" hahha its funny ;) Hope you are all doing FAAAAANtastic too!!!
MTC Selfie....I think he stole Elder Brower's camera.

 With his trio.  Elder Berrios and  Elder Brower

 Russia bound....

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