Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm In Russia!

Just arrived a like an hour ago! Russia is awesome! It's really humid and hot. President Perkinson said that by December we will be about the oldest missionaries. And in just a few transfers we'll be training! It's scary but exciting! I'm safe and in Russia! I love you! 

Elder Wilding

Sidenote from Mom: 
The photo of McKay was taken by a stranger at one of the airports.  He asked McKay for my cell # and then sent it to me. :)
The other one is of the flight tracking from Vegas to Seoul.  It was almost a 13 hour flight. Thank you all for your prayers for his safety.  Please continue to pray for him

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  1. Our grandson, Kaleb Chapman, just got his mission call today to this mission He will enter the Provo MTC on December 16th. We are all so excited for him and loved reading this blog. Bobbie Miller