Monday, January 30, 2017

Russian Rappers and Breaking Tombs


Fun week, we got some more snow and did some fun service.  Our friend max showed us the parts that he bought for his computer that he is making himself and he bought all the most expensive parts he could.  This world was completely foreign to me but Lawrence seemed to understand what he was talking about.  We got fed twice this week. I honestly can't think of a Russian who has fed me who isn't a great cook.... everything I have got so far has been magically delicious.

We had to take down the Book of Mormon this week.  All the paint melted off and left his eerie blue ghost color on it and most people that passed thought it was a tomb stone.  It was a labor of love when we made it and it was sad to see her go down after all the hard work that we put into her.  We basically just javelened our ice breakers and shovels into her until she broke at the bottom and then a bigger problem started when all the surrounding snow was covered with blue paint. We had to shovel it all out and hope that a big snow plow comes and takes it away.  

One of our members brought her friends to game night. He is 16 years old and an aspiring rapper.  He showed us some of his stuff and despite the fact that I understood nothing that was said, it was pretty good.  Apparently rap is taking over Russia right now.  But in Russian you don't rap rap, you read rap.

I took part in an interesting service, we showed up at a cross country ski race thinking we could help by giving out medals or something but we ended up wearing huge animal costumes and they just wanted us to go around dancing and take pictures with people.  I'll try to send a picture!  I was a hedgehog, it was fun!

Well, that about does it for this week, I hear some big changes are coming up for use related to our schedule.  Hope you all have a fantastic week!  


Elder Wilding
I'm the hedgehog with the big glasses, the head didn't come off unfortunately.

Picture with both of the constructors... Elder Wilding and Elder Lawrence

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