Monday, February 6, 2017

4 Elders!

The AP's came down this week. Having 4 in one apartment makes everything more fun! It is was like I was back in Angarsk again!  They arrived Wednesday morning and left Sunday after church.  They came to have a conference with us where we watched a new training for all volunteers.  The conference was pretty great and now we finally have our new schedule.  The major changes are that now we have more time on P-days (3 hours!!!!) and we plan in the morning instead of the night. 

We went to a chess club and got a nice old man's number, his name is S and he is going to teach me how to play chess better.  He is a Baptist and I think would be open to our message.  We almost had service at the zoo but when we called back they said that it wouldn't work out because we need some special license or something to be around live animals.

We went over to a member who is from the Netherlands and had really good dinner!  And a 8 year old girl just got baptized on Saturday by her dad!

They was basically my week (according to my memory) .  Sorry that it is kinda small. Thanks for all the support!

Elder Wilding

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