Monday, January 23, 2017

2 Russians, 2 Americans

Good day family!

Good first week of the transfer!  A lot of area book work and trying to find new investigators.  We have a good maybe 10-15 potentials we could try to work with.  All the rest in the area book were either tried in the past and aren't interested or не доступен (means not available and is an awful plague of Russia).  Hopefully some of these people will be interested.

We are thinking about taking the Book of Mormon this week.  In her full glory she only lasted about 2 days.  The paint started to melt off and the letters went with it.  Without the letters most people assume it is a tombstone.  We had a lot of people ask us about it when we were making it and gave a guy a number because of it but besides that we haven't got any interested people from it, at least not yet.  But despite all that, making it was way worth it!  We actually were planning on making a Bible right next to it to show that we believe in both, but it is just too hot here. ***

We received a new Russian sister to our mission, not only to our mission but to Sakhalin.  Considering that we have a Russian couple already serving here and that Sister Kapralova is staying, we are out numbered by the Russians.  And it's awesome!  This is going to do wonders for my language.  The sister is from Moscow and seems really smart.  We have a great district.

The Argyles (American family) had us over for lunch yesterday.  That was so tasty! They had BBQ sauce which I don't think I have had since the MTC. Speaking of food we made a nice batch of chum chum this week it it lasted us probably 4 days.  I might have to buy mass amounts of that sauce and fill my suit cases with it and bring it home.  If not I will have large withdrawals.

We haven't got much snow since last email.  The city has been going around and knocking down huge icicles.  They set barriers around big buildings on the main roads because it would ruin your day if one of those fell on you.      

Thanks for all your supports and love!

Elder Wilding

***Note from Mom - the current weather there is 14 below -  a heat wave!

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