Monday, October 3, 2016

In the Hollow of my Hand

My beloved family and friends,

Life on a mission is like a train that takes a long time to get going but once it picks up speed there is no stopping it. But time on Sakhalin (I have been spelling it wrong this whole time) is like that train except that train grew space ship wings and is now moving at the speed of light.  I love it here!!!

"What even happened this week?" is what me and King always ask each other before we come.  I hope I can remember more this week.  So Monday we bought groceries, wrote home and then we went home and cleaned our house. You might say it was revelation because our landlords came over and told us we have to move.  Their house is getting repaired or redone and they are going to live in our house.  We spent a good chunk of time on the internet searching for new apartments.  We are hoping to be out in 2 weeks.

We had Russian practice and I learned that in English we used to have the ты (informal word for you) which is thee but the language changed and nobody uses it anymore.  Who knew?  We also got interviewed by one of our local Russian leaders and the whole thing was in Russian.  Speaking of Russian we traveled to a Russian Orthodox temple to see if we could serve with them.  We got the number of Father V, but due to one thing or another we haven't got to call him yet.

We had the chance to do a little home teaching.  We found like 10 museums we could go to and ask for service.  We also found a chess club and even some volleyball courts.  We went to one of the museums.  They didn't really have service but we might come back with a member and it will go better.  Then we had institute and I was the object lesson.  I was tied to a chair to represent the fall.  During the lesson however I managed to untie myself unawares to the others. Plus our teacher made cinnamon rolls after!  

On Friday we went on a beautiful hike with a investigator and some of the members.  We hike up a ski resort that had a gondola.  Even though there is no snow they still ran it but we didn't take it on the way up.  We hiked passed it and almost got lost in the forest that had many fallen trees until we reached the top of a different mountain then we had originally planned haha.  The peak was amazing!  We sat at the top and ate sunflower seeds because Russians love them.  We ended the day with sport's night.

We had a great fast Sunday and strengthened our relationships with the members.  Conference will be shown next week but I was able to hear about half of the women's general session including Elder Uchtdorf's talk.    

It was a good week!  I love it on the island!  


Elder Wilding  

Temple in Sakhalin
 The hike
 With Elder King
In the cabin you can get fresh clean water.  Gondola
The hike
A Sobaka, the temple
Giant nesting doll
Possible new apartment for you mom

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  1. You could always use Вы, instead of ты.. Вы is more polite ...