Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moving Success

Good afternoon brothers and sisters,

To start off I would like to let everyone know that the move was a success!  I myself absolutely hate even the thought of moving, but considering that our door (when opened with too much vigor) hits the door that we moved into, it is alright.  We had the miracle of moving into our neighbor's house!  Moving was basically stress free and even joyful.  The new place costs the same and is nicer.  I have no complaints.

The grind keeps on going, we had I think two activities at the church, one of which turned into quite a nightmare.  The 1st activity of the two was a Elder Cook's devotional he did for the youth.  That went without any problems. But our 2nd activity which was life size Clue had a different outcome.  So to prep for the game we made life size dice (of which I am actually quite proud) and the sisters made the cards.  We set up the rooms and taped the floor in order to make spaces for the players to walk.  We had good attendance, unfortunately due to the fact that it is incredibly hard to describe the game in Russian, most people were confused including me. 

Somehow I came off the victor anyways and we started to clean up.  While ripping off the tape we found that it didn't want to come off and left a huge mess on the church floor.  We were devastated.  We tried to scrub the left over sticky pieces with  a sponge but to no avail.  One store was opened that sold steel wool and saved our life's.  Now the church is clean but looks like it has an interesting tan line.  The floor where the tape was is whiter than the rest of the floor.

We went to the Exon community for family night at the Argyles and they fed us tacos!  I am afraid that I am going to lose my Russian because almost everyone here speaks English.  

Gladly, I was able to watch General Conference in English.  That was amazing as always!  

One of the English families told us of service at a half way home for orphans called "House of Hope".  They had a fundraiser and we were able to be there and assist.  They didn't have a ton for us to do but it was good being there and getting to know people.

The cold has started.  You will get funny looks if you go out without a coat.  You would think that if you survived a winter in Siberia you would never be cold again. 

Elder King and I keep on loving Sakhalin!  I pray all is well with you.

Elder Wilding
What happened to the floor
Sign I made for the fundraiser
Japanese candy

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