Monday, October 17, 2016

Salutations From the Island

Salutations from the Island,

Moving is.. at last.. 100% complete.  The agreement is signed, the rent is paid, and all has been moved over and put in it's proper place.  I would say that Elder King and I, are at high standings with our landlord who is no rookie in the field of cheese storing.  Until Monday night our fridge was the harbor of 12 pie-sized containers of cheese.  But it is gone now and we sleep better.  Our humble abode is quite the place, my mattress got upgraded from top bunk twin to normal level queen. We are living like Kings! (pun intended)

As for the rest of my week, our good member/friend M (who built his own house) asked if we could come over and help him with some of the exterior work.  Which meant roof work and making scaffolding (on and off the roof).  My drill skills have never been better after that fateful day of service.  Or more exactly my unscrewing skills.  You just have to line it up on the line.   They fed us fish soup before we got started, salmon to be exact.  To the shock of myself and all others I did not want throw up and die but actually found it quite normal.  Then for dinner we had fried rice with squid in it, game changer.  Somebody better tell Scott.  

We played LEXICO (language learning game) with our pal P on Friday at game night.  He is actually the only one who came but that didn't hinder our fun!  We were dying laughing the whole game.  The game has three levels of hardness and P took the top level every time.  Me and King had to go on level 2.  

We also taught L the gospel of Jesus Christ because her parents want her to have all the lessons before she gets baptized (she is already eight and her parents are active members).  And then had family night with them.  I love their family! 

Besides that, the rest of our week was dedicated to an assignment president gave us.    We are trying to find which less actives would most likely come back and put them on a list in order to see who we should work with first, more or less.

I love the Island.  I read out of the Liahona and found a thought I really liked:  The more we do the things we know we should, reading scriptures, praying, serving, etc.  We become more like God.  Thus increasing our capacity to experience the joy he feels.  And God is number 1 in the world of happiness.  The more we are like him the happier we will be.  It just makes sense.

Love you!

Elder Wilding


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