Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sakhalin Island

Dear one and all,

Another awesome week on the island!  I love it here!  It is so beautiful and the members are so great and it just feels good to serve here.  We were busy this week running around getting to know members and doing other tasks.  In church due to the American families, we have a translator.  I got to translate during gospel doctrine class which was quite interesting but I really like it because it is sometimes fun explaining what they said without using the exact words.  I mostly just translate it in Russian grammar to English so it sounds funny a lot!

We went hiking on a mountain about 20 minutes from the church with two members of the church.  It was a beautiful hike and we saw Sakhalin from above.  The trees and bushes were in reds and browns and oranges and it all was really pretty.  We had to hike up first a quarry where they have sand and other materials and it really just looks like a big construction sight. On the way we picked berries and had a great time!  One of the members made a pie out of the berries we picked and that was delicious!
We served at the Hari Krishna kitchen like I used to do in Angarsk and prepared food for the homeless.  It always feels good to serve!  On Sakhalin they also have Russian practice and our teacher knows English amazing!  

We taught a member's daughter who is eight but is going to have the missionary lessons first before she gets baptized,.  We taught the plan of salvation and it is amazing how much kids know! 

At sports night we played ultimate Frisbee and a sister and member collided and fell on the Frisbee and broke it.  Luckily we had another.

Sorry this is so short and scatterbrained.  I will write this letter first next time.

Love Elder Wilding
 The Hike
Scenery on the hike
The hike
Tiny dancing robots they had in the Korean airport

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