Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Apartment Swap


Might as well start off with transfers.  Elder Nielson and Hess have left the city and me and Elder Staiger are moving to their old apartment, while our sisters take our nice, freshly clean and large apartment.  Serving without sisters for 6 months definitely had some benefits. 

I don't remember if I told you or not but last week we bought a spin trimmer from the Renik.  I think I may have said how the grab broke off after only a few minutes.  The machine shakes so violently in your hands that it made one of our members hands bleed from using it after only a short time.  I tried for myself this week (with gloves) and it about shook me out of those gloves.  It cannot be adequately described in words how forceful it shakes. Just thinking about it amazes me.  

Elder Hess asked me to speak in sacrament again.  Only strange thing about it was that he didn't give me any topic to speak on. And that he let me know about it 5 seconds before I should speak.  It happened again, asked to speak in sacrament meeting over the pulpit.  My mind went searching once again for a topic, anything that I could speak about and I didn't really get much back from my that search.  I could only remember what I had studied that morning.  Which was a talk in the Liahona by Elder Bednar which by the way is an amazing talk.  I spoke a little bit about Tyson and I think I took around 10 minutes again.  It went well with a lot of Russian mistakes.

We deep cleaned our apartment.  We thought we were having sisters moving in on Thursday so we packed up all of our books and I shrink wrapped my clothes and was about ready to go to the other apartment when we found out that the sisters would only be there for one night less than 14 hours and that we could have just left all of our stuff there with out shrink wrapping anything.  That's just life.

We have taught Mr. W everyday for about 10 days and he is progressing marvelously!  The Chinese pamphlets came and it is much easier to teach him now!  He always works on Sundays so it is hard to get him to church.  And he goes back to a city 3 hours out of town in 1 day.  We can't call him and teach him due to the new laws.  It is just a minor setback.  He will be baptized eventually of that I know.

Well that just about fills you in.  It was good to read all the emails and hear everything is going good.  I'm glad to be staying here with Elder Staiger!  I love you all!

 Elder Wilding

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