Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving Day, Branch Presidency, and Shopka in the Summer

Hello and welcome one and all!

Marvelous week in Ussuriysk with many ups and downs!  Namely, President Z, who thinks I look like John Kennedy made us borsch and I have gained 15 pounds.  I haven't gained 15 pounds in the year I have been out here, I gained it all in the last 2 months.  I don't know where all this weight is because it isn't visible but I think I know where it is coming from.  Since the establishment of our companionship me and Elder Staiger have been eating mass amounts of a glorious even heavenly food-chum chum.  Which was supposedly healthy considering that all it contains is rice, veggies, chicken and 2 sauce packets.  But to my surprise and awful dismay we discovered just this week that chum chum contains so much fat.  I was so sad to find the news.  It is the best thing I know how to make myself and it is turning me into a mess.  Of a sad truth, the more unhealthier the food is the better the taste and it's the same if you switch it around.  To battle this startling weight gain me and Elder Staiger hit the streets and went running.  I have never had more respect for mom...after only like 20 minutes I was dying and couldn't keep on going.  Oh well, some much for chum chum 3 times a week.

S (speaks English) had me proof read his college paper that was filled with a ton of huge words I don't even know and he was asking me if it is correct to use them in this context.  Haha I hope I helped him out but I was guessing on half of it.   Our spin trimmer has been turning out to be more of a nightmare than we hoped for.  Before it shook you to the core but now it won't even cut.  Whenever we try to get it started it goes and dies.  President Z took it from us yesterday and is going to take it into his shop to fix it.  Hope everything works out.

We moved out of my home for 6 months and somehow made it to our other apartment with all our things after a few taxi rides.  I wore my shopka when we moved just so that I didn't have to pack it and when I walked out of the house all eyes where on me.  I don't blame them though because anyone who would wear one of those in this heat is absolutely nuts!  I was dying of heat until I took it off.  Our new apartment is somehow always wet and humid.  I sleep on a pull out extension of the couch, not because my bed is bad but because for some weird reason I sleep like a baby on that couch. 

The new sisters that came are Sister Merrill (I was in the MTC with her) and Sister Blonquist (who knows a girl I went to high school with and one of Taylor's friends).  District Meeting was fun and we will have a fun District!  In church this week all the missionaries just got put in callings because of the new law and I am the acting First Counselor in the branch.  Me and A (the secretary) did a lot of work after church on MLS and LCR working with the finances and trying to get me into the branch, the latter with no success.  It's an amazing opportunity to be learning how these computer programs work.  Not many missions in the world have the opportunities that we have.

I will end this email with a  quote I memorized at the request of Elder Staiger.

"Being blessed with hope, let us, as disciples, reach out to all who, for whatever reason have moved away from the hope of the gospel.  Let us reach to lift those hands which hang hopelessly down"  - Neal A. Maxwell 

Love you all and pray that all is well with you!

Elder Wilding

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