Monday, August 15, 2016

An American, a German, and a Russia walk in to a ba...... Church

My Dearest Family,

Quite a week I have had.  The sun seems to be focusing all of it's energy on Russia judging by how hot it is.  The Russian seems to be falling into place.  Of a truth, whenever I learn a new word I hear it everywhere with everyone with whom I conversate.  And I always am amazed how I never heard it before.   Be diligent and persistent is so so important in learning a language.  Some things I could study for hours and never understand and then one day for some weird reason I hear something and it all clicks and it is stuck in my brain forever.  But that never happens if you stop.

Update on the new apartment:  The moisture in the air has been thinning and we have been removing the gross sometimes moldy pillows and other items out and it is smelling and feeling better!  It actually is a really nice place once you clean it up!  

Yesterday in church we had 3 speakers planned to speak.  All 3 showed up and gave fantastic talks.  The only thing was that they were a little too short and seeing that we had 16 minutes left on the clock I stood up once again and gave a talk before the congregation without foreknowledge of the event.  And it went so well!  I gave my memorized "restoration lesson" lesson and turned it into a talk.  I said the first vision over the pulpit and it was sweet!  When I was talking about prophets, V comes in and yells "I'm a prophet" haha.  Next time though I am probably making Elder Staiger give one becasue it seems like it is always me.  Or maybe Sister Blonkquist!  (it is her second week)

The Testaments was the movie we decided to share at movie night.  We bought a huge block of ice cream (they come in a bag) for the film.  Not a big turn out so the people that were there got loads of ice cream each!  Sad thing was that a sister in the ward showed up about 15 minutes late or so and all the ice cream was gone but she saw our empty dishes.  But I guess as the saying goes, the early bird eats the ice cream.

We had a sick lesson with the other elders old investigator Zh on the 10 commandments!  We taught him the signs you can make with your hands in order to remember.  And also created a Book of Mormon Characters bingo!  Every week after we'll be playing!  Sister P made some dang good blini and the stuff we put on it was egg whites and sugar blended together.  I don't remember what it is called I only remember how it tastes.  как нельзя лучше.

We took the sacrament to this sweet babushka who has a little problem with her memory and is so funny!  Most times she tells us the same life stories she has told us a lot of times and this week she found out that Elder Staiger is from Germany.  She raised her arm and shouted "Heil Hitler" a few times haha.  She always does something like that which makes all of us laugh!

We went and played soccer at locomotive field with the Russians that President Z. works with.  They are good!  But this time I didn't do too shabby and Elder Staiger was showing all of them how Germans*** play.  

Fun week!  The second half goes quicker than the first unfortunately!

Love Elder Wilding
 With the prophet

Our old apartment
Without flash - with flash
One time I swept our old apartment
Purple tie

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