Sunday, July 24, 2016

4 Days and Another P-Day можно

Salutations from Russia!

I could really get used to this early p-day thing.  Only problem is that the emails I sent to my friends on their missions (4 days ago) have not yet reached their eyes.  Therefore not many emails.  I did really good this week and wrote down what happened so that I don't forget.  But I did forget to look at that paper....  I'll try to remember.  Here goes nothing.

Might as well start out with our good friend K.  We spent a lot of time with him this week but I'll get into that later.  We went over for service hoping to chop wood but ready to do whatever.  His wood supply is at 0 but he does have quite a lot of grass that he wants to cut down and move to a central location in hopes that cows or horses or some kind of animal will come and eat it.  It started off good, we were working and doing what he wanted.  Although within minutes my allergies, reacting to the tall grass caused my eyes to water so bad that it looked like I just got dumped and was bawling.  He made a video out of the whole service project on his vimeo page and put in a clip of my crying haha.  And then on Sunday after church he wanted to talk to us about permaculture and how it would help build the church.  We went home after church to eat lunch while the other elders stayed with K there and when we got back he stayed and talked to us for 3-4 hours.  It is pretty amazing how much he can talk.  His ideas are sincere and he really wants to help grow the church but sometimes they are a little out there.  It is great Russian practice!  

We and the other elders held a part of our weekly planning session together in order to plan who has what and at what times we will be at the church respectively.  We have to move out of our apartment by Thursday of this week to the other elders apartment and are completely busy with that and they want to cut the grass at the green island (name of the field where we play soccer on sports night) so that it is actually nice and playable.  We actually bought a spin trimmer for the branch, the other elders went down to the Reenik and bought it.  Reenik stuff isn't always the most reliable but it is always the cheapest.  Within the first minutes of cutting the grass the guard  broke off and they said that holding it shakes you to the core.  Besides that it works great and the field is in the process of becoming a soccer field again and not some farmer's pasture.  

Our soccer game with those guys that came in the church never worked out.  They called us back later that night saying that something came up and they had to go to Vlad or something unexpected or something like that.  Elder Staiger talked to them on the phone and I don't really remember the reason.  They apologized and said they want to play with us again sometime this next week.  We pray that it happens!  

On  p-day I bought a couple of ties.  Mom is going to be so happy, I bought a beautiful purple one that is way Russian.  Russia has the coolest ties.  They usually aren't one piece of material or fabric but you'll have red stripes going down the middle of the tie and then near the bottom it will turn into paisley pattern, or the border with be different or it will be split down the middle.  There are so many variations that I didn't even know existed before I got here.  

Next time I write you I should know where my destiny lies (transfers) and will be out of my home for the last 4 transfers.

I love you all thanks for you examples!

Elder Wilding[?]

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