Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

Grand Greetings from Ussuriysk,

Big packed week that went faster than seems possible.  It feels like I was just writing you yesterday but it feels like I was in Korea 3 months ago.  A lot of good happened this week!  Mr. W is back!

Elder Staiger is molding me into a more refined person.  Since he claims Germany for his home country he does things very proper and right.  For one thing he is teaching all these rules about eating that I never knew about.  I probably heard them all before but never cared enough to pay any attention to them.  I now eat in a dignified manner and slower with a fork and a knife and I feel like a new person haha.  

We didn't get to go to do baptisms in the temple unfortunately.  We didn't have enough time but Korea was sick as always!  We got back and went to Zone Conference and we learned a lot about how to be better missionaries and went over the law of chastity, the law of tithing and how to make commitments.  It is always fun to be around president.

We got home late to Ussuriysk and I hit the sack as soon as I got in.  A day earlier Mr. W called us and told us he was back and wanted to meet..  We met with him and mostly got him acquainted with Elder Staiger and we talked about the Book of Mormon.  He loves it!  He reads everyday!  The only problem is that he returns to a different city in Russia in 3 days for 15 days so it will be hard to meet with him.  O our other investigator is progressing and has a baptismal date!  July 30th.  He is loving the gospel as well!

We have been really busy this past week but I have somehow forgot most of everything we have done.  Next week I will make a list in order to remember.  I hope the long list of pictures makes up for the short email.  I love you all and I'm doing great!

Elder Wilding
With Elder Roosa

 Korea Temple

With Elder Staiger
 At Ashleys

With Elder Hess * Saying Goodbye * Elevator
Cool building
After sports night
German Kitchen
 Trip to Borisifskia (?) forest
With Elder Roosa

 With Elder Roosa
 With Elder Roosa at the Styfoon (?) River

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