Monday, October 26, 2015

Russian Ballet

So last week we went to a Russian Ballet!  I don't know really what to say about it besides that.  It was pretty impressive I guess haha I don't know.  I'm just glad you never enrolled me in dance mom!  I'll send some pictures because it was a cool experience!

During service this week their weren't that many people at Hari Krishna.  I think my taste buds are starting to change because I'm starting to like vegetables and fruits and even soup a whole lot more than before.  

English Practice this week was awesome!  We played Pictionary and it was way fun!  One of the women there speaks English so well she corrects me sometimes haha.  One of our investigators named Vladimir (the one who told us the whole Joseph Smith story) took us to a little river.  It was way fun!  Right when we got to the river he said "this is the place" just like Brigham Young did when they got to Utah.  Then he told us the exact date Brigham Young said that and where it was haha.  He knows so much about the church, so many little things like that haha.  The river was freezing, I put my hands in it and it's just as cold as Alaska.  The whole place reminded me exactly of Alaska.

It snowed a little bit yesterday.  They always know when the snow in coming to Angarsk because when it snows in some other place in Siberia it always comes to Angarsk just a few days later.  It's been getting colder but won't be Siberia cold until like November or December.  Nikolai is going to be baptized in 2 weeks.  We asked him who he wanted to baptize him and he kinda suggested his friend who introduced us to him but we were at Baba Nina's house (we call her Baba Nina which means Grandma Nina but that's just how it is in Russian), and she is way funny and loves the American Elders and when she heard that question she said you need to get baptized by an American, it's a better experience.  Well, we still tried to get him to choose his friend because that way it's better if they have that person who lives in the branch and not a missionary that will just leave.  He choose Elder Lyman, which is a great choice!  

It's been fun this week and I feel like I have learned a lot more Russian than I used to know!  We went to the Renik which is basically like the swap meet in Hawaii to look for a coat and stuff but when we got there most of the shops were put down because we went kinda late but I think we will go again this week just a little earlier.

I love Russia. I love you all.  Lucky to be here.

Elder Wilding

Russian Ballet

Elder Wilding and Elder Lyman
Vldamir's truck
With Elder Lyman
Russian Omelet

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