Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey Family!

Hey Family!

This week was fun!  A man on the street thought we were from Latvia.  Finally!  Some people are starting to think I'm Russian!  It is starting to get cold here.  We found the reenik which is the place where all the missionaries buy their stuff for winter.  I think we are going to go there this week but we will have to go during a dinner hour because it is closed every Monday.  I'll probably buy a coat, nice Russian hat, some gloves, maybe some boots (all the boots have fur on the inside!) Who knows what I'll find there but hopefully I find all that I need?

I got my first haircut in Russia this week.  Nothing different from the haircuts in America.  Except for the fact that the lady cutting my hair asked me like how I wanted my hair cut and I just said "Да" because I didn't understand her at all but somehow she got the message because she did a pretty good job.

English practice was awesome this week!  I'll send you a picture of the sign we put out on the street that is for English practice.  The Sisters were gone on a visa trip so it was just me and Elder Lyman.  We always split into 2 groups, the beginners and the advanced, but last time we had the Sisters so it was easy to split because we would have a companionship to a group.  But because they were gone I had the advanced group and Elder Lyman had the beginners.  I was a little worried that I couldn't lead the discussion because it was my first time teaching or leading without Elder Lyman right next me.  (We just separated in the same room.)  But luckily everyone in my group spoke enough English and I understood enough Russian to get the job done.  It was really fun!  Denil (one of the guys at English practice) said, "Why is your church interesting to learn about, and the church here in Russia is not?" Haha Had just showed a video and the Spirit was strong!

We are teaching another guy from English class named Vladimir.  When we were teaching him the restoration he told us the entire Joseph Smith story haha.  Some people are so prepared here!  He came to church and is reading the Book of Mormon and is an awesome investigator!  A sober man on the street told us God lives on the moon and that he planted us on this earth like carrots and cabbage.

A member of the branch is going on a mission!  We helped him fill out his papers.  It was kinda cool filling out his papers with him because it reminded me of when I did it.  Ruselan is back!  He has been working everyday for the past 6 weeks or so, so we could never meet.  But he's back and ready to meet!

Nikiolai is going to get baptized in 2-3 weeks!  We just got some things we have to work out with him.  He's great and is reading and praying!

Love you all!

Elder Wilding
English Class Sign
Russian Building

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