Monday, October 12, 2015


I forgot my book this week where I write down everything that happened during the week but hopefully I can remember some.

We watched general conference this week!  That was incredible!  Those talks were so inspired!  The 3 new apostles are awesome!  I was really impressed with how humble they all were.  In Elder Renlund's talk he talked about how he has done nothing in his life to get him there.  That's how I feel.  I didn't do anything in my life that made it so that I would get called to Russia.  The Lord called me and he needs his work done his way.  I also loved how Elder Renlund talked how if we really want charity we need to look at everyone through the eyes of their parents, even Heavenly Father.  Also Elder Hale's talk was one of my favorites!  I want my future wife to watch Elder Hale's talk and Elder Nelson's talk haha.

We had an awesome English practice this week!  It was a miracle how many people showed up!  We weren't expecting too many but I think like 8-12 people came!  And about half of them were really good at English and half of them basically knew nothing.  We had the advanced group and the Sisters had the beginners.  One of the guys in our group was so interested in us.  He couldn't believe that we left our homes and our families for 2 years for Russia.  We told him we came because we know our church is true!  He thought it was so awesome and we are going to try and schedule a meeting with him so that we can teach him!  Also another miracle.  We were just on the street contacting and stopped a guy and started talking to him and he started talking to us back in English which is always cool because I can actually understand what they are saying!  He is an English teacher named Igor!  He says he met with the missionaries before and has a Book of Mormon.  He said he reads it from time to time and said, "It is interesting how Christ would appear to the people in America also, not just interesting for the Americans but for the whole world."  It was so cool!  He already believes everything, we just need to meet with him.  Russians a lot of the time don't answer their phones though.  We saw him on the street and invited him to come to general conference.  And he asked if we have living day prophets and apostles.  We told him yes.  I was expecting him to say that all of that was done away with in Christ's time but he was like good, the Bible says that's how the church should be run!  He is so golden!

It isn't cold yet.  It snowed once but now it is warm and I'm in a short sleeve.  I will try to find a coat!  I accidentally said goodbye to a guy on the street instead of saying hello.  I yelled "das vidana" at him instead of "zdrasvootiye" and he looked at me with a weird face and said "das vidana" right back at me haha.  

It looks like I will be training in 6 weeks!  Scary!  Hope I learn enough Russian by that time!  Or else I feel bad for whoever I'm training!

This week has been awesome!  Love it here!

Love, Elder Wilding
My District

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