Wednesday, July 1, 2015


July 1, 2015
WOW! I can't believe it is already my third Wednesday here!  The weeks fly by!  I wrote down all the things I wanted to write you on this notepad I had but when I went to the laundry room I forgot it in there.  Learning more and more about the importance of obedience.  Especially in Russian missions.  My Branch President told a story of 2 Elders who served in St. Petersberg.  The 2 Elders were walking down the street and there were construction workers 8 stories up.  The construction workers weren't paying attention and they dropped a board off the building and it flew down and hit both the elders right on the head, split there head open and knocked them right out.  The Stake President of the stake they were in was a neurosurgeon and said if it would have only hit one of them they would have died.  He related it to exact obedience because if they weren't walking side by side, one of the elders would have died.  He said some missionaries don't get along so one is about 10 feet away from the other.  If those missionaries weren't exactly obedient, and did that, one of them would have died.  So I've got to be obedient in everything even if it doesn't make sense why I would need too.  They both were stitched up and finished their missions.  One of the them became a AP.

Meeting my mission president was amazing!!!!!!!  He is the most awesome guy ever!  I am so fortunate to have such a great mission president!!!!  He is funny and does cool handshakes and he said the counsel he will give us in the mission isn't just for the mission, but for life.  I know he will have a huge impact on my life and my mission.  They are doing something now where 6 weeks before you come home you meet with your mission president and decide and plan what you will do when you get home.  It sounds cool and should really help!  Hope he doesn't convince me to get married like the month after I home. :)  Although I would guess I'll be married before Taylor.

All the apostles and the Prophet were here all last week.  It was the mission president seminar so we had to eat in the gym instead of the cafeteria.  When we talked with our mission president, he told us how Elder Nelson specifically called out and talked about the Vladivostok mission during the conference!  He said that was the only mission specifically talked about during the whole conference.  He talked about how the elders are so obedient there.  Crazy to think I was called to this mission.  It is the highest baptizing mission Russia by far!  Most Russian missions get about 30-35 baptisms a year.  Our mission has 60 something and we're only half way through the year!  I heard somewhere that if there is 1 more stake created in Russia that Russia can get a temple!  So that's the goal.  Get Russia a Temple! 

The food here isn't terrible.  It actually sometimes is really really good!  But there is this smell to the cafeteria that makes me sick but after you're in there for a while you get used to it!  Getting along great with my companions!  They're really funny people!  And they have a love for the gospel!  Temple is closed for cleaning for 2 weeks so didn't get to go to the temple today which is sad.  Congrats Grampy and Grammy on  the anniversary!  The devotionals here are great!  Still haven't had a apostle but the speakers are amazing.  Surprised a little at how I don't miss my phone at all.  

Brother Clark (one of my teachers) who is a great guy told us that everything that has happened in our lives has prepared us for going to Vladivostok.  The lady that cut you off or the guy that ran that red light and almost hit you.  Everything that has happened has happened so that we could be the type of people that the Vladivstokians need.  He said he was talking to a man at church once (when he was in mission in Vlad) and this man had gone through countless missionaries but finally one arrived and he got baptized.  Brother Clark asked what made this one different and the man said,  "He had orange hair and I have orange hair so I trusted him."  Little things can make the biggest impact!

Glad to hear everything is good at home!  Really enjoy getting your letters and packages!!  The treats you send are great!  I wrote all your questions down on that pad but I don't have it so sorry if I didn't answer all of your questions.  Oh they won't let us chat in the MTC mom.  The MTC choir is fun!  Let me know where Cooper gets called to!  Hope it's Vladivostok!  I have seen Tanforce and Jordan and few other people from Brigham up here!  Super cool seeing people you know!  Tanforce has such a deep voice now I could hardly recognize him.  Love you all!!!!!!!


Elder Wilding 
With my Mission President and his wife.  President Perkinson and our district.

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