Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I can't believe it's been a month already!  Time truly does fly!  Meeting a lot of cool people here in the MTC.  I didn't realize that I said Russia would be easier than the MTC.  I obviously know it won't, must of been just a mistake or something.  This week has been good!  We had a devotional for a Emeritus 70.  His name Was Ben B. Banks!  Hilarious man!  Made us laugh then immediately brought the spirit!  We sing in the choir every Tuesday night and I think if you go on the internet you can watch it live but I don't know?  Me and my companions are usually on the screen though!  The Language of Russia is coming!  I can say a whole lot more than I could last week!  And that's all that matters!  Improvement!  The food has been really good this week!  I love saying, "Welcome to the MTC Elder/Sister" to all the new missionaries!  I remember when I was dropped off and it seems like just yesterday!  My teachers are amazing!  I can tell they actually care about us and want us to succeed!  One of my teachers said something really cool!  God didn't send you to fail.  He didn't!  I know I can rely on my Savior Jesus Christ at all times!

I went to the temple today!  Haven't been in 2 weeks because of it being closed for cleaning.  It was my second time coming since I've been in the MTC.  We had a very spiritual time and then went to the cafeteria!  The temple cafeteria is the best food ever!!  Tastes likes angels made the omelets!  Anyway while we were eating our food, a man came up to me and my companions and asked us what mission we were serving in.  We told him Vladivostok, Russia.  To my surprise but great joy he said that is the exact mission he served in only he got back from there 1 year and 4 months ago.  So he came down and sat next to us while we asked him thousands of questions about Vladivostok.  I asked him about the showers and the apartments and he said the showers are always hot, maybe even too hot.  He said that the apartments are usually really nice but he said he had a few that were infested with termites and cockroaches.  He then told me something that he said changed his mission.  He said that he wouldn't only be obedient but would be consecrated.  He said he got really good at planning so that he would know where he was going to be at every moment of the day.  He would make it so if he was on his way to somewhere he would talk to everyone on his way and if somebody didn't show up to an appointment that they would have a back up plan and go visit a member or inactive or just somebody nearby so that they always knew where they were going.  He said by doing this God could consecrate his plan of the day and put people in his path because he knew where they would be going.  I wish I could explain it like he did but he was a super cool guy!  He told us he had a really hard time his first few transfers and that it is really hard when you get out there.  I asked him how long it took him to learn the language and he said there was never really a point where he knew he knew it but he said that one day this guy comes into church and starts talking about how he was abducted by aliens and that he saw God in space and what not.  Even though the guy was straight up crazy he was like wow, I just understood all of that.  Really happy I got to meet and talk with him!  He made me excited and also let me know how important it is to plan and be obedient and always be doing something.  We asked him why he was in the temple and he said that last night he couldn't sleep and so he tried to walking or something and then realized he had a few more hours before he had class so he came to the temple!  God works in mysterious ways!  And good things happen to you when you are in holy places!  I know the reason he couldn't sleep last night is so he would go to the temple and then subsequently meet us and talk to us about Vladivostok. 

Tell Tanae congratulations for serving well!  This week I saw Derek and that was cool!  Our zone leaders are leaving at like 3 AM Monday morning.  Kinda sad because I'm going to miss them.  I don't know why I can't think of anything else to write down, it's like my mind when blank.  I think I'll play some sand volleyball today.  We play 4-square a lot at gym and that's really fun!  My flight is going to be like 30 hours or something like that. I won't get my flight plan for a few weeks.  The Elders that are leaving are flying to Germany and have a layover there for like an hour.  I heard a story where the people filling out the Visas accidentally checked male instead of female and it was a sister.  When she got to Russia they detained her for several hours and then let her go.  She had to remain in her apartment for a month until she got a visa.  That would be awful!

Well, I've got to go but I love you all!  I love getting your letters!  Sorry for not writing many handwritten ones lately but I've bust.  I bought a container of melted cheese to eat with chips.  So I opened it a few days ago and didn't realize you have to refrigerate it after you open it.  Today we opened it and it was growing hair.  YUCK.  It was disgusting and sad because I was really looking forward to eating that cheese.  I met that one girl that Taylor knows that CJ was dating her best friend.  She told me to tell you you're cool hahahah.  

Love you all!
Elder Wilding
Can't believe it has been ten years.  I think about Tyson all the time.  I know he is here with me.  I watched the Joseph Smith movie and when his brother Alvin dies I feel like I could relate to Joseph a whole lot.  It said that Alvin was Joseph's hero on earth.  That's what Tyson was for me.

I miss him everyday.

Elder Wilding

Me and D-Wank (Elder Wankier)


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