Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Week of Traveling

Dear Beloved Family and Friends,

I have been on many buses this past week.  I went with my zone leader to all the areas in the zone.  We went on splits with the elders there.  We traveled to Vlad on a 2 hour bus, then took an hour long taxi to Artyom, slept there and woke up and went on splits with Elder Gardiner and Elder Sebach, slept there one more night and then woke up early in the morning and took 3 hour bus to Nahodka, went on a split there with Elder King and Bates.  Slept there that night and then took a straight shot bus home to Ussuriysk that was 4 and a half hours long.  It was really really fun seeing all the elders and seeing their beautiful cities.  Especially Nahodka.   A city on a bay.  I think it is the biggest port in all of Russia.  It was really pretty there but the whole time I was there It rained a lot and I found out I had a hole in my boot.  But I brought extra shoes so it was fine.

In Ussuriysk twice a week we have Russian practice.  That's right I said Russian practice.  We get to sit down and one of the recent converts who speaks no English teaches us Russian.  IT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  I learn so much!  This is what I needed so much.  To be taught Russian from a native Russian.  We get to ask questions and it is all coming together.

One of the other elder's investigators lives next to us.  We communicate with him through the windows by turning on lights.  He is honestly the coolest man I have ever met.  He does the Olympic ski jump thing where the jump is way long through the sky.  Also he told the elders he had to run to Vlad to buy a suit so that he could come to church.

OK I planned bad, sorry.  The highlights of this week were, I have a cake by an awesome member with peanut butter in it.  I learned a lot on the trips!  I read our heritage and feel lucky they had it so much harder than us and we have so many more advantages than them.  

I am so sorry I am out of time!

I love you all!

Elder Wilding
Chinese New Year
Hari Krishna

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