Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Trainee

Hello everybody,

Elder De Sandre flew in this week.  He is pretty tall and funny and good at Russian. He is from Mountain Crest.  He did track and tennis in high school and just graduated this year like me.  I feel like I have seen him before the mission.  I'm sure I have.  I feel kinda bad for him though.  Since we are in Vlad, we don't have any investigators so ever since he got here we have been hitting the streets all day everyday.  And the first day that he got here there was a mini blizzard.  It has been hard being the one who knows the most Russian or just the more senior missionary.  But it has been fun and I feel like I have been strengthened by Heavenly Father because even though it has been hard, it has been easier than I thought.

On Dec 2-3 we are having our mission conference.  President Klebingat is coming from the area presidency.  I am so excited to hear him!  He gave an amazing talk a few conferences ago on approaching the throne of God with confidence.  He came before when Elder Lyman was here and he has told me when you see him you just know he is a called of God.

I also said goodbye to the AP's this week.  I got a lot of cool stuff from them.  Elder Protopovo (from Moscow) gave me a really nice leather bag.  And I bought a shapka (the Russian hats) from Elder Mateer.  Probably the best purchase I have made on my mission besides my coat.  It keeps me so warm.  The wind is piercing in Vlad and it goes right through my beanie.  But it doesn't get through my shapka.  The nice thing about Angarsk is that even though it is very cold, there isn't any wind.  

One of the lessons we taught this week was at Y's house.  He is old and lives in this run down house.  We were trying to commit him to come to church and he starts asking us if we know what rap music is.  We told him yes.  He stands up and starts saying this rap he wrote.  He was doing all these gang signs when he was rapping for us like rappers do when they are on stage.  It was the highlight of my week haha.  From what we understood we think it was about the Book of Mormon.  The best part of it was that at the very end (he was wearing a jacket without a hood) he tries to throw his hood on but he just pulled up his jacket over his head so that he looked like a turtle.  We busted up laughing.  The whole time I was thinking "is this really happening right now?".

We met these three Catholic missionaries from India.  We were talking to them and telling them which church we were from.  Right when we told them one of them gets really excited and asks if we are from the church that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is from.  He said that back in India he would play their songs off of youtube for the children that he taught.  They love Motab like crazy.

It has been a good week!  Hope everything is going well!

Elder Wilding
New companions

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