Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm Training!

Hey everyone!

I learned this week that I will be training.  My trainees name is Elder De Sandre.  I have seen a picture of him and he looks really excited.  I will still be living in Angarsk with Elder Lyman but instead of it just being only me and him, we will have 4 elders in that apartment.   Elder Lyman's new companion is a guy that is from his home ward.  What are the chances?

I am still in Vlad and it awesome here.  It was really warm when I first got here but now it is very cold.  I got reunited with Elder Lyman this week who stayed in Angarsk and he stayed it was -28 there.  Time to see what my coat is made of.  I am really lucky to have a senior missionary in my apartment because some of the other missionaries are completely solo and are going to be alone in their own apartment.  

It is weird seeing the AP's about to go home.  This is their last full day.  Tomorrow they work until 5 and then they go to the mission home and have a meal there and get interviewed by president.  And then they're off bright and early to the airport at 6:00.  These 5 months have gone by so fast.  The elderly couple the Huntsman's go home as well on Wednesday.  

I got a way nice tie from the AP's and a few other things from them.  We went and taught this man named Y.  He lives in the outskirts of town.  We went into his house that was darkly lighted and there was so much stuff everywhere.  He played Elder Perry in chess and beat him in 3 moves.  It is hard to teach him anything because he is always going off on random tangents and he speaks really fast.  Interesting investigator.  I think he has read the whole Book of Mormon.  He knows all about the church history and when things happened and where.  Hopefully we can help him receive this great gospel.

We went searching for a less active and the map we had took us onto a high mountain overlooking Vlad.  I wish I would have had my camera on me.  It was so beautiful, you could see all the tall buildings and the ocean.  I always forget that we are next to the ocean because we mostly just stay in center.  

I'll bring my camera next week and hopefully then I will have more time to write.

I love you all!

Elder Wilding 
With the AP's

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