Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Walking On Rain

Good Morning everyone!!!  It is exactly 12:14 over here in far east Russia and the heavens are open pouring down rain as well as blessings.  I got my nice Renick sweater on, everything is good!

As well as my sweater I bought a Panther's hat.  Who would have thought that I would find that here?  Not me.  Right when I saw it, I lunged right over to the cashier and bargained for the hat.  I seriously got it for about 3-5 dollars.  It was a steal.  All the people from China run the Renick down here.  And some of them speak less Russian than me.  All they know is numbers and да.  But they seem to make a decent living because they all have the newest iPhone.  

Speaking of the weather, the umbrella I was sent out here with had it's first test.  I was out for maybe 10 minutes and the wind and rain destroyed it.  The wind first caught it up from underneath the clothes and broke the little wire parts but before long the "solid" main pole snapped in half.  But I like the rain so I probably wouldn't have used it anyway.  Russia:1  Umbrella:0

I was able to watch the first session of conference.  We downloaded on the church computer and transferred the file onto a flash and watched it at home.  I was really impressed with all the talks.  Especially the talk given by Elder Hallstorm.  When he read the words from the 7th verse of How Firm a Foundation, the spirit of God entered my soul so strongly and lasted until he finished the lyrics so that I could never deny what I felt.  It was an amazing experience of which I immediately wrote about it in my journal.  I was taught the more you value what the Lord gives you the more you will be given.

And as for investigators,  S:  He came into our lesson and said that he had been memorizing scriptures haha!  He acts on things we don't even invite him to do.  He didn't come to church last week and he told us that his faucet broke and was spraying water all over the place right around the time of church. He told us he thought it was the devil keeping him from coming. We told him he was right and that since he has a baptismal date Satan would try his best to keep him from it. He is so wonderful!  We taught him the word of wisdom which he basically already follows and also tithing and fasting.  He committed to follow both!  
V:  He is changing!  When were at his house in earlier lessons it was sometimes hard to breath because he never showered.  But he showered now and cleaned up his place and was wearing nice clothes I had never seen him wear.  The gospel is amazing what it does to people.

We went less active finding and went clear down to a place that could be called Pakistan.  It looked just like what I would image Pakistan looks like.  There were even people that are most likely from Pakistan who lived there.  It was a strange place.  But it was fun!

Please tell Brother Swalwell and Sister Hillman thanks for the package!  It was so great to receive it!  It means a lot!

During language study Baba A called us (she is the lady that we take the sacrament to her house) and said we needed to help her fix her TV remote because it was broken.  We went over there and all I had to do was put the same batteries that were in the remote in again and everything worked.  Then she had us sit down and told us everything about her life.

On Saturday night Elder Hess called and told me that the following morning I would be giving a talk.  Haha missions.  I wasn't stressed or concerned at all though.  I don't know why.  I was able to do it too without any sweat.  It was cool.  Everything went well.  It is probably because I prayed first.

Sister P is going to the temple in Korea this week so we have been helping her on family search find her ancestors to do.  It is amazing that even these people in Russia can find and go do the saving ordinances for their ancestors.  She is so excited for the temple!  It takes great sacrifice for them to go.  But that doesn't discourage them in the slightest.  It only makes the temple more sweet.  Their examples are amazing.

So yesterday on our way home.  Three Asian's yelled at us in English.  They wanted to find Burger King.  They didn't speak any Russian.  I gladly showed them the way and on the way down I talked to one of them.  He spoke English fluently.  He was from Seoul and was on vacation here.  He said he loves Russia and that it is very beautiful and now he plans on learning Russian because he liked it so much.  It was cool to talk to him.

Well, that does it for this week.  I hope you all have a good week and attend the temple.  


Elder Wilding

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