Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Deliveries

Hello everyone!

This week was really fun and we had a lot more lessons then we usually do so we weren't on the streets so much which was nice!  I got your package!  Thank you it was really great!  It was so cool to get all that stuff from you!  Also please tell the Swalwells and Hilmans thank you from me for sending me a package!  

It is about -36 right now so you would think that my allergies would be under control because everything that I could be possibly allergic to is frozen.  Wrong.  My allergies have been going nuts this week.  Worse than it has been in a long time.  But the Lord has been there when I needed Him and when I gave my talk in church I didn't sneeze once and also during district meeting I didn't.  

We have been delivering our pictures of Jesus to the members for Christmas and it is really amazing to see the the look on their face when they open it up and realize that it is Christ, the Savior.  I love delivering it to them.  But one of the members we gave it to was a little too zealous and put it up on his wall as fast as he could without securing it properly and it fell to the ground with a  big bang.  Luckily the frame didn't break or the glass and all there was was a little dent.  That was a miracle in itself.  The only bad part of the lesson was after it when he insisted on giving us something to drink.  He only had green tea (which he thought was OK but we told him it wasn't and he said he would get fruit tea from now on) and we told him we wouldn't drink it, so he grabbed these two little milk cartons out of his fridge and gave them to us.  That milk was either sour or poisonous or something because it was completely awful.  But I somehow managed to get it all down but when Elder De Sandre drank it he thought it was just as bad as I did but he made the mistake of drinking the cup of boiling water that was on the table.  I felt bad for him but it was funny what he said when he just kind of yelled, "oh that's hot" haha.  He had a woman over at his house when we came and she was on the lesson and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it!  She also said she would come to church but didn't this Sunday because she was sick.

We bought some orange juice this week.  I missed that stuff so much.  I used to drink so much of that stuff back at home.  We bought 3 containers of it and it wasn't long before they were all gone.  

I think I said in my last letter how I lost a lot of my stuff.  Well, I found a lot of it this week!  Thank goodness, I was starting to think I was cursed.  

We delivered another Christ picture to another member and while we were there they showed us a pictures of their wedding.  I think I now understand why pictures of ancestors or just old pictures looked like they were always mad or not satisfied.  I think in America and other places we have figured out how to smile.  But in Russia some people are still figuring it out.  They did a lot of the same poses that most wedding couples do but they just weren't smiling and it looks kinda funny.  I think that is where the stereotype comes from that Russians don't smile.  Because these people are always going and laughing and smiling.  But just not for a picture.  

I have so many pictures I need to send home so I will end it here.

I love you all

Elder Wilding  

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